Welcome. My name is Traci and I am a Holistic Life Coach. My Spiritual Strength is Intuition & I use this gift to empower women to tune into their own intuition and make choices based on their true energy rather than from fear, anxiety, or other people's opinions on how to walk their unique path. 


I have been divining through the Tarot since I was about 13. In 2010, a dear friend introduced me to the path of Reiki. Reiki is an Energy Based Spiritual Practice - not a religion. I used it to first heal myself and keep myself centered and grounded as I faced a tulmultuous period in my life. After that, I began using it to help others. I return to this Mindfulness Practice time and again through Seasons of hard lessons & also times of increased Blessings.


I would like to help to guide you closer to YOUR peace and happiness by providing insight into how you can use your gifts and challenges to live your life with intention and for the highest good of your soul.